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Lawn Doctor provides a specialized tree and shrub care maintainer program, that’s designed to protect trees less than 20 feet in flowerbed landscaping. Staying ahead of problems is the best way to ensure healthy landscaping all year long.

  • We offer a 6 service tree & shrub maintainer program where we spray a combination of fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide -- basically we are helping them to grow and protecting them from anything that would harm them.  We are also inspecting for any new disease or insect issues every time we’re out.
  • Includes crepe myrtles, all flowerbed plants, small/young trees.  Not for trees over 20 feet in height or really delicate flowers like tulips, petunias, snap dragons, etc.
  • Roses typically need more frequent care (every 1-2 weeks) than we would provide (every 6 weeks).  We will still spray the roses, but just know that you may need to supplement treatment on your own.  We recommend that you use Bayer Advanced 4lb All in One Rose & Flower Care
  • This is a maintainer program, meaning that it’s not meant to salvage half dead trees & shrubs.  The program is best at preventing most issues or nipping them in the bud.
    • It’s easier to treat the beginnings of a problem rather than an active infestation, so preventative care is a way to protect your landscaping.
  • Priced based on how much landscaping there is to spray.  Most customers are at the $32/application level.  Some customers with lots of landscaping are at the $64/application level. 


Palm Tree Fertilization

  • Fertilizer spikes specifically formulated to give palm trees the nutrients they need. 
  • Priced based on diameter of palm tree trunk and number of trees.


We’ll provide you with a free lawn evaluation, and our tree and shrub care program consists of:

  • General guidance
  • Individual inspection of all trees and shrubs
  • Fertilization
  • Insect treatment
  • Disease treatment

Your local Lawn Doctor experts are able to provide for all of your lawn and landscaping treatment needs and we guarantee your satisfaction. We’re glad to answer your questions or to discuss any of our products and services, so call us today.

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