Soil Enrichment


  • Description
    • Healthy soil is key to a healthy lawn
    • It improves the health and vitality of the soil so your grass can better withstand stress (heat, drought, insects, disease, etc.)
    • Soil Enrichment is a fertilizer catalyst that makes fertilizer more efficient by conditioning the soil to allow more nutrients into the grass and improve grass health
    • Benefits
      • Creates a stronger and healthier root system so that the grass can better withstand stress  (heat, drought, insects, disease, etc.)
      • Loosens soil  & reduces thatch (an alternative to mechanical core aeration)
      • Increases grass nutrient absorption
      • Improves soil water retention so you can water less
      • When you should recommend it to a customer
        • Everyone can benefit from it for the above reasons, but it may be even easier to recommend for the below reasons -
          • New sod – to help establish root system and increase root quality
          • Before summer – it improves the lawn’s stress tolerance to things like heat, drought, disease, and insects (which are more common in summer)
          • If we’ve done a soil analysis and the pH is way off – it unlocks nutrients not available to be used by the soil due the pH 

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