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If you're looking for Katy, TX lawn maintenance service, look no further than Lawn Doctor. We provide our clients with top-notch lawn care support, and we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. If you're in Katy, TX, and you're ready to take charge of your yard, we'd love to work with you.

Lawn Care Maintainer

  • We offer a 7 service lawn care maintainer program that includes fertilization and weed control with each application.  We adjust the formulation of fertilizer throughout the year to give your lawn what it needs most at each point in the growing season and stay on top of weeds. 
  • Applications are done about every 6 weeks, but by signing up for the 7 service package, we will come out between services at no extra charge to kill any weeds that may crop up or address any other issues you may have (issue diagnosis is free, will give quote for recommended treatment)
  • We use granular fertilizer and liquid weed control. 
    • Granular fertilizer is a better product than liquid -- since it is encapsulated, it provides a steadier supplier of nutrients to the soil as it break downs.  Liquid fertilizer provides a burst of nutrients that quickly degrades.  Granular fertilizer needs to be watered in to be effective. 
    • We use granular pre-emergent weed control on Rounds 1 & 6.  This product stops weed seeds from germinating, so it prevents future weeds from sprouting.
    • Liquid weed control needs about an hour without rain/watering to completely soak into the weeds.  Avoid mowing for 24 hours to allow the product to start moving into the weeds’ root systems.
    • Priced based on square footage of grass (measurements exclude driveways, flower beds, pools, patios, etc.). 


Lawn Maintenance work is backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

You deserve to know that you're going to get excellent results, and we're proud to make sure that happens. We'll start by giving you a completely free lawn care evaluation at your home. Once we've determined your yard's current condition, we'll recommend a course of action for improving its vitality and purity. And if you ultimately decide to hire us, we think you'll be amazed at the final outcome.

Lawn Doctor is your straightforward Katy, TX lawn maintenance service provider. We pride ourselves on our transparent business practices, and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're satisfied.

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