Fungus Control

  • Liquid fungicides are used to treat (stop the spread of) fungus issues – mainly gray leaf spot and brown patch.  Two applications are needed, 2 – 3 weeks apart.
    • Gray leaf spot is a fungus is on the grass blade, usually in shady or over watered areas (most common in the Summer).  Your grass won't disappear, it will just be unsightly.  Cut back watering.  Fungus will be mowed off and we should be able to promote new, healthy growth of the leaf blade.
    • Brown patch is a fungus of the soil that kills the grass by destroying the roots.  It only appears in certain temperatures and humidity levels (most common in the Fall). Cut back watering (or stop completely).  Once you have fungus spores in the soil, they will always be there (re-sodding will not help), so it’s important to use good cultural practices (see below) and to call us at the first signs of brown patch for treatment with a fungicide.
    • Cultural practices (what customer should do) to reduce the effects of fungus
      • Apply compost to your lawn twice a year to lower the pH of the soil to a level where fungus does not grow.
        • We suggest buying compost that is something along the lines of the Premium Garden Mix - found about halfway down this page:
        • In general, we recommend composts that contain micro nutrients, manure, mushroom, or wood.  It's helpful if the compost doesn't contain a lot of topsoil.  And if there is a pH listed, you'd want it to be 7 or lower. 
    • Watering at night leaves your lawn prone to fungus growth (because water does not evaporate quickly without sunlight), so the best time of day to water your lawn is between 5 am and 9 am.  

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