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Even the healthiest lawn can suffer from a lawn disease. The severity is related to the environment and how the lawn is managed. Proper mowing ,watering and fertilization is important in helping your lawn resist lawn diseases.

Brown Patch or Rhizoctonia Blight is a disease that commonly occurs on St Augustine and can often be quite severe. Brown patch is a fungal disease which occurs when temperatures are above 85ºF during the day and 70 ºF at night. High humidity, rain or excessive night irrigation increases the severity of the disease.

Proper cultural practices are important in reducing Brown Patch in lawns. Avoid night watering; excessive moisture for long periods of time moves the disease from plant to plant. Ideally lawns should be watered from 5AM to 9AM to reduce disease. Soil aeration is another important practice to help reduce Brown Patch. Aeration improves the overall vitality of the grass and increases air circulation.

Ways to Help Control These Diseases from Invading Your Lawn in Katy, TX:

  • Avoid watering at night
  • When mowing, maintain a sharp blade
  • Have Core Aeration done annually to increase air circulation
  • Apply compost anually, after aeration

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